all right

all right
,all `right1 adjective, adverb MAINLY SPOKEN ***
▸ 1 fairly/very good
▸ 2 going well
▸ 3 for permission
▸ 4 not hurt/sick
▸ 5 for making someone less upset
▸ 6 for admitting something
1. ) satisfactory or fairly pleasant, but not excellent:
Chicago's all right, but I'd rather live in New York.
My teacher is all right, but she doesn't really listen to me.
a ) very good or nice:
What's the new guy like? He's all right!
2. ) going well or happening successfully:
go all right: Did the party go all right?
do all right (=be fairly successful): My brother was unemployed for years but he's doing all right now.
3. ) used for saying that you will allow someone to do something, or you do not mind if they do it: OKAY:
be all right to do something: It's all right to skip some questions.
be all right if someone does something: Is it all right if I open the window?
be all right with/by someone (=they do not mind): Is it all right with you if I bring a friend? Yeah, that's all right by me!
4. ) not hurt or sick: OKAY:
You look terrible, are you all right?
The car's wrecked, but he's all right.
5. ) used for making someone feel less worried or upset: OKAY:
It's all right, I'm here.
Don't cry, everything's going to be all right.
6. ) used for admitting that something is true, especially when this is not the most important fact in a situation:
He's attractive all right, but he's not that bright.
it's/that's all right
used when someone has thanked you or said sorry to you, to show that you do not mind:
Thanks for the lift. That's all right.
(it's) all right for someone SPOKEN
used for saying that someone is lucky because they do not have the same problems as you:
It's all right for you, you've got a car, but I have to take the bus home.
(it's) all right for some (people) BRITISH SPOKEN
used for saying that you think someone is very lucky
all right
,all `right 2 interjection ***
▸ 1 for agreeing to something
▸ 2 for checking agreement
▸ 3 for showing you heard
▸ 4 for getting attention
▸ 5 for admitting something
▸ 6 for saying hello
1. ) used for agreeing with a suggestion or agreeing to do something:
Should we ask Kate to come too? All right.
Will you call me when you get there? Yes, all right.
a ) used for agreeing to do something or agreeing to let someone else do something, although you do not really want to:
Can't we stay a little longer? Oh, all right, but just five minutes.
2. ) used for checking that someone understands or agrees:
This is where you plug the keyboard in, all right?
3. ) used for showing that you have heard or understood what someone has said:
We need to leave in ten minutes. All right, I'll be ready.
a ) used for showing that you have heard or understood what someone has said and you are annoyed with them for repeating it:
Will you please clean up your bedroom? All right! I'm going to!
4. ) used for getting someone's attention when you want to start talking about or doing something new:
All right, class, open your books to page 23.
All right, let's go.
a ) used for getting someone's attention when you want to ask what they are doing or what is happening, especially when you are annoyed:
All right children, what's going on here?
5. ) used when you are going to admit something: OKAY:
I waited for hours. All right, I'm exaggerating, but it seemed like hours.
6. ) BRITISH used for saying hello to someone

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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